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You, being man. Read and share. Enough is enough.

We are withering. Men. Lets talk about ourselves for a bit, without blaming women for all our problems.

Equal rights. I am for it. More women in leadership positions. Equal pay for equal work. Discrimination of women in any form is disgusting.

Even so: this equality shall not interfere or diminish gentlemens culture. We should not mix the two so that we end up being so alike that it hurts both genders. So that we wither. The ?man? dies, turns into something in the middle of a man and a woman.

Its not about being a tough guy, load up in bench press or be a corporate executive like the workout magazines and self-help books tell you. A real man is real on the inside, and acts accordingly; especially in the treatment of women.


Sure, we should look ahead and develop, but a few things were just so much better in the past. Respect between the genders starts with the small things (that really are the big things), the stuff that in the end makes a world of difference.

Taking someone out this weekend?

- Dress like people.

- Hold the door for her, and if the circumstances doesn?t hinder it, pull her chair out. Stand up when she leaves for the restroom so that she can get out without squeezing past you, stand up again when she arrives back at the table.

- Pick her up. You don?t own a car? Grab a cab, get some cash before you start asking girls out, or offer to ride the bus with her.

- When waiting for the butler, stand in front, so that she understands that you will take care of the reservation. When he arrives, let her walk first, so that she can choose were to sit. Do not sit down before her. Always have a table reserved.

- Do not touch you cellphone at all, and keep the sound and vibration off. No, it?s not okay, even if you think you have a good excuse.

- Pay. Tip your waiter. Be nice to the staff.

- Cold outside? Give her your jacket. Don?t ask her if she wants it, she will only say no out of courtesy. Place it around her shoulders.

- Do not make a move on the first date, no matter how many signs you think you are getting.

- Burn and forget everything you ever read or learned about ?how to pick up women? or ?getting laid 101?. Garbage written by shallow men looking for gold diggers.


Pretty simple isnt it?

If you are now thinking Shit, do I have to pick her up and stand up only for her to leave for the bathroom? No, you don?t have to. You can keep withering with the rest of the men out there who do not want to make an effort.

Lets move on. Everyday life.

Are you a nice, positive and helpful person? Do you smile to strangers? Do you keep the door open for the ones coming behind you, regardless of it is a man, elderly woman or someone you do not like the appearance of? Do you excuse yourself if you bump into someone? Do you leave room for others on the sidewalk, in traffic or in the queue at the supermarket?

Do you really do anything for others, or do you basically think that your own life is hard enough so you don?t have either the time or the energy?

All of these things is about how you act and present yourself as a man, or the lack of being one. As mentioned earlier, it is not about who can beat up who, or who is the loudest in the room. Do you let others have their say in social happenings? Do you support someone who might not be as outgoing as you, even if it can inflict on your own opportunities?

It boils down to what kind of society we all want to live in. I know what I want. I want to see young boys grow up to be real men, whom treat women with the respect that women deserve, and that gives the extra effort so that women ? and everyone really ? feels seen and taken care of in a world that seems to progress further and further into an ego and selfish driven ?use and throw away? society. Already it starts to be seen as socially acceptable to grope women now within certain groups of men. If you do that, I hope Karma breaks both your arms.

Trends in our society ( when it comes to this, in particular ) is moving in the wrong direction. Victims of sexual assault are being questioned ?how did you dress?? and ?were you drunk?? Answer me this: as a man, do you want us to end up were women no longer dare going out to party at all? Do we really wish that they would all stay home, stop dressing up, stop dancing, stop flirting, avoids eye contact? I do not want to live in that world.

If she gets too drunk, get her home safe and plant your ass on the couch. REAL MAN. Get it? The little voice inside your head ( the head on your shoulders! ) tells you whats right and wrong, so all you really need to do is follow it.

We ( men ) need to set an example for our sons and younger brothers. The task of a man has always been, and will forever be, to take care of and protect the woman. Women take care of us too in their way, so this is not a one way street.

This shall not change, no matter how far the equality battle goes, because equal rights is not about men and women being exactly alike, its about recognizing our nature-given differences, respect and take care of each other.

Us men should keep it up with holding doors, offering our jackets, act as gentlemen and stay polite around women, whether we know them or not

Bottom line is, we are lucky if a beautiful woman agrees to join us on a date or more. Show her, that you appreciate it. Show the world that you are a real man, set an example with your integrity and attitude.

Grow up, damn it.

Thanks for reading.




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